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New Website

I have searched long and hard for the perfect site. After some initial tweaking, as well as future updates, I hope to make prolinefinishes.com one of the most extensive painting sites out there today. With the ability to buy the high quality products we use coming soon, to helping you with all your paint and drywall related questions and problems. Come back often for updates and the latest news and information about us!





Let it snow!

I want to thank all my current builders/customers who have helped make this my busiest winter yet! Thanks, and have a great Holiday Season!





Current Status

We are currently experiencing very heavy work volumes for this time of year. While some projects can still be completed on evenings and weekends, we are currently booked into February on all new construction projects. This IS subject to change so call or email us today if you would like any repainting done or perhaps to schedule your spring/summer exterior jobs!




Comming Very Soon!